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Saturday, June 15, 2013

John Deere 2nd Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers

My nephew loves "trucks" more than anything!  He likes to go outside and look for trucks, talk about trucks, and play with his "trucks." (He calls cars "trucks" also.) So for his second birthday party, the theme must be trucks. Well, technically the theme is "John Deere Tractor" party because Jackie's favorite ultimate truck is a tractor! Although this year's party is MUCH more low key than last year's due to the upcoming birth of my niece,  I am still making the decorations.  I ordered the Beep, Beep Cricut cartridge off of Ebay.  It had three or four tractors but I choose the most "John Deere" one to use.
Although I have a Gypsy, I find myself using the Cricut Craft Room more.  I ordered two new Cricut mats also from Ebay. I need to re=stick and scrap all my mats clean this summer.  (See previous post about this.)  I tape all four corners of my mats with scotch tape.

I also make sure that my blade is sharp. One downside of using the scotch tape on the four corners of the mat is that if the blade goes through it, it can get gummed up.

The first project I made for the party are cupcake toppers.  I looked online on Etsy and found a circular printed one and a small tractor version. I decided to go with the Cricut tractor.  I had some cookie sticks that I was going to use for cake pops.  I made the small tractors and then just taped them on the stick with scotch tape.
However, I wanted these toppers to be two-sided so I cut another tractor for the back. I then used Opposites Attract to cut small twos.

I love Opposites Attract because now I have the "negative" image that I can use for something else.

I very carefully glued the two on the back for "2nd Birthday"....It kind of looks like the steering wheel from the other side.

I need to finish these toppers this afternoon. Then, I am going to start on the John Deere banner.  I have a feeling that I am going to run out of green and yellow paper!  I've been scouring Pinterest for more great tractor party ideas.  I really don't know what I would do without my Expressions 2.  I guess I would be spending a fortune on printer ink.  The thing that irks me is that there are so many great things I want to make on the Cricut but it does take time and effort to figure out the cutting. I better get to work as party planning is my full-time job during the summer apparently!