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Sunday, June 30, 2013

"I See the Moon" Glow-in-the-Dark Birthday Card

Super Moon June 2013
My nephew loves the moon.  When he was only a few months old, I took him out on my mom's deck and pointed to the moon.  He was riveted. Although he could barely talk, he kept saying, "moon, moon" over and over again. When he got a little older, he would try to sneak out and look for "luna" or the moon.  Another new development is that he also loves the dark.  I started buying him glow sticks that we can take into the windowless bathroom and play with.  It's a big hit. 

Step 1: I printed out a picture of the moon that I "binged."  (I used Bing Rewards so it all goes through Bing. I already have $20 in Amazon gift cards.  I guess I spend too much time online.)
I also found a verse of the "I Love the Moon" poem because I always sing that to Bubba when we are looking at the moon.

Step 2: Cut out images/words.
Step 3:  I used a clear glue to coat the spots on the moon image. Then I covered this with Martha Stewart's Glow-in-the-Dark glitter.  (Remember to put two sheets of paper under glitter so you don't waste any.  Sift excess glitter back into container.)  I got this glitter off of Ebay for about $12.  Pricey but you really don't need a lot for a great effect.  I don't know why I am fascinated by everything glow-in-the-dark but it is really cool to be able to make anything glow!
Step 4: Let the glittery moon dry. Expose to bright light and test in a dark room.  Add more glitter if needed.
Step 5 (not pictured):  I just folded a black piece of Colorblok cardstock into a card. I glued the moon on the front. I prefer to use glue runners instead of wet glue so there is no rippling on the thin copier paper.  I added my nephew's name (not Bubba, ha ha)to the front using clear scrapbook stickers.  I glued the poem on the inside of the card.  Since I was using black paper I used my white gel pen to write a birthday message. 
I also made a quick envelope using another piece of scrapbook paper.  Envelopes are really easy to make.  Here's a funny video from Angry Chicken on how to make a "lazy" envelope: Love it!
When I gave the card to Bubba and showed him that it glowed, he said, "Wow!"