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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Have a John Deere Birthday Party

Happy 2nd  Birthday, Bubba!  It's hard to believe that our sweet little boy is now a "terrific" two! He is obsessed with trucks, tractors, and transportation so it wasn't hard to decide on a John Deere theme.  I never thought having a nephew would turn me into a party planner!   They had a great party for him.  It was much smaller than last year's due to my sister being nine months pregnant.  However, a great time was had by all. It was a GREAT day being both sunny and hot. The pool really helped. [ I did manage to get my first sunburn in many years. I just never had time to put on sunscreen. Bad idea.  I actually bathed in green tea. (Thanks, Pinterest!) Not only do I hate the taste of green tea, I had a ton of it that I wanted to get rid of. So I just added to my bath. Strangely, it seemed to work. I also cut aloe from my plant and squeezed it on my bath.]
1. John Deere cake and cup cakes
Here's the cake table. No, I did not make the cake and cup cakes just the cup cake toppers. My sister has a "cake girl" who is really good. She also made the elephant fondant cake from the sprinkle.  My sister ordered the table cloth online.  I got the yellow and green plastic cups from Walmart. 
His nonny got him a John Deere t-shirt at a farm store!
2. John Deere banner/decorations  I made this banner using Opposites Attract and Beep, Beep Cricut cartridges. I ran out of green, yellow, and black paper. I will post a separate banner making tutorial.  Most of the other decorations had to be ordered online. 
3. Activities for kids:
Car piñata:   I couldn't find a truck piñata so we weren't going to do one. However, one of my brother-in-laws friend's gave this one to them for free. It was also filled with candy. The older kids liked this.
Sprinkler pool: This was a big hit with the kids too small for the "big" pool.  You had to connect the hose to it and it rained on the sliding board. 
Batting practice: After cleaning, I spent most of the day filling up water balloons on Friday. We had one of those t-ball stands for the kids to do "batting" practice with the water balloons. I filled up a huge plastic container with water balloons. The kids actually had a huge water battle instead of hitting the balloons on the stand!  I don't have any pictures because I don't want my iphone 5 getting wet! (My 3gs got fried by water! My iphone 4 fell in the toilet.)  My sister's mother-in-law then picked up every scrap of balloon so the dog and kids didn't ingest it. Safety first!
 4. John Deere Big gift: John Deere tractor! My mom, sister, brother-in-law and I all chipped in for Bubba's tractor! We've been talking about this gift for a year. Now, it is a reality.  All the boys loved it and the boy of the hour was off... 
My sister kept "encouraging" kids to wear these John Deere party hats!
With daddy!
The best part: a license plate saying BUBBA!  He really needs a John Deere hat now.