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Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Grow an Avocado Plant from the Pit-Update!


 I love guacamole or even adding slices of avocado to my salads. A while ago, I had friends over and they were like, "What is that?" It was my avocado "plant." Really, it was just a shoot from an used avocado pit.  From what I understand this will never produce a tree but just a plant. Avocado trees are from the south of Mexico and probably would not do well here in zone 5.  I learned the method from my grandmother who had a huge "green thumb." I will update the pictures as my plant grows.  This project takes a while to spout but it is an interesting activity to do.
Step One: Buy avocados.  There are several different varieties but I only buy them on sale. I also try to get avocados that are softer and riper as these can take a long time to ripen.

Step Two:  Cut the avocados in half. 

Step Three: Put the avocado "meat" in a bowl.  Make guacamole.  Use a fork to mash. Refrigerate.  Eat later.

Step Four: Wash the pit.  It will be slippery.  I usually make a two avocado guacamole so I will use two pits.
 Step Five: After washing, find your toothpicks.
Step Six: Insert toothpicks into the pit in a + manner. The pit will be hard and slippery. You may break several toothpicks while attempting to insert.
Step Seven:  Lay toothpicks over a cup of water. Fill the water to the very top so the avocado pit is 50% submerged.  You want to make sure to refill water as it evaporates. 
Step Eight:  Put the pit in a sunny location. Continue to "water" it.  Eventually, a green spout will split out.  Let this grow for a few more weeks. Then, re-plant. 
 I noticed a few days ago that the avocado pit had split.  Roots started to grow downward in only one of the pits.  The other is still whole.  I had to replace the paper cups as they seemed to be getting mushy.
 Remember to replace and refill your water every few days.
Only the best for my "pits"!

Soon, I think a green spout will start growing up from the center. I have to keep remembering to keep watering these avocados.