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Friday, June 7, 2013

First Day of Summer Vacation

Today is the first day of summer vacation! It's about 63 degrees here and raining.  My mom is going to the mall to get her hair done. I was going to join her and hit Yankee Candle for that movie theater candle but I want to save money! I'm trying to be frugal.  I also wanted to pre-wash some fabric and then make my own laundry detergent. 
The big thing I need to do (besides pay some bills) is finally decide on my new company name!  Many years ago when I first started selling my items on consignment, I went with the name "The Vintage Co."  This suited me as I repurposed a lot and had a more classic style.  I liked everything to look pretty: lace, old buttons, vintage photos.  I mostly sold jewelry, handmade soap, candles, decoupaged boxes, and cards. I did all this in the years after I graduated from college, subbed, and before I left for Bangladesh.  I had the dream of making soap and art full-time on a farm or something.  But through it all, I just HAD to teach.  My first certification was in art education so ANY art or craft was game.  I was still painting in oil, watercolor, and acrylic.  I tie-dyed, made paper, and even used to make my own bath bombs. I played around with sewing but the cheap "Tiny Tailor" I bought broke.  I think I started to get into scrapbooking. I scrapbooked my entire life up to that point.  I started repairing jewelry for people and making custom jewelry. That was way too stressful and time-consuming.  I never really made enough money to even break even.  I never made art for the money.  I put more time and care into my custom made tags to the point where the store sometimes sold them separately. Then, I left the country for a month in Dhaka...I came back three years later. I did altered books, cards, and a massive amount of scrapbooking.  However, I hadn't been able to make soap because I couldn't find lye anymore. I guess Red Devil lye went out of business.  I've missed it so much. I got more into baking.   Now, since I'm back on Atkins, I can't bake like I used to.  (It's too tempting!) I miss making soap, candles, paper, and all the bath products.  I have been doing as much sewing as I can but I still want to get back into my old passions. 
However, what do I call this "new" company? I want it to encompass ALL of the things I will sell: cards, soap, sewn items, etc.  Here's my list:
1. Prism (I have an obsession with rainbows!)
2. Learning Curve
3. Asylum  (Edgy-seeking refuge/a mental institution)
4. Nocturnal-From Elder Scrolls
5. Bohemia(n)-
6. Bideshi (means "foreigner" in Bengla)
7. The Vintage Co.
8. Alchemy (the beginning of chemistry/taking something and changing it)/Alchemy of the Word
9. Wynter's End
Any ideas?  I really have been thinking of this for months.  I really can't decide.  Help!