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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dry DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent

After making the liquid detergent, I had to try the dry recipe.  I already had all the ingredient out. (Read: I made a huge mess!)  I covered both my dining room and kitchen tables with a plastic table cloth.
  It is the same ingredients as the liquid recipe.  I used:
*2 cups of ground up Fels Naptha
*1 cup of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda
*1 cup of 20 Mules Borax
 I knew that I had to really grind the Fels Naptha soap much better this time. Luckily, I noticed I had an old food processor in my garage. My mom gave it to me and I think I used it once and found it to be too much trouble. 
I used a really sharp knife to cut the soap into chunks.
I put the chunks into the food processor. Wow, this was much easier than grating it by hand.
I even gave the soap a second pass through the processor just to catch any larger chunks.
I was going to store the soap in an airtight container. However, I ended up just using it all.  I mixed up all the ingredients with a spoon. My hoarding paid off when I was able to remove the labels from some used glass jars to re-purpose. My motto is: Use what you already have!
I hand wrote a quick tag with directions on it.  Two tablespoons should be sufficient for one regular load. Of course for a really dirty load,  you may have to adjust.  I gave one jar to my sister and another to my mom to test out.  This recipe should be good in a HE washer because the soap does not create a lot of suds. I am planning to use my liquid detergent first. 
 I will miss the addictive smell of Gain. However, I could never really smell it on the dried clothes anyway.  You really don't appreciate clean laundry until you don't have it. Not to go into detail but washing your clothes with soap in a bathtub DOES NOT CUT IT. Yes, the joys of travel are vast...Really, I am very thankful for my washing machine!
I also wrote the National Poison Emergency number 1-800-222-1222 on the back of the directions.  Keep away from children and pets.  Remember, the super washing soda is considered caustic so use caution.