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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lavender Bath Bombs

 It's funny but on Pinterest, I kept coming across all these recipes for bath bombs.  I used to make my own bath bombs at least ten years ago.This rekindled my interest in them. I remember going to a Lush store with friends in Atlantic City a few years back. They spent a lot of money on the huge bath bombs and soaps. However, I actually didn't buy anything because "why-would-I-spend-all-that-money-when-I-could-make-it-myself?"  .  Sure enough, I found some of my old supplies in my garage.  I was almost overwhelmed by all the different recipes that I found.  I decided to use one that required cocoa butter as I still had some that was quite old.  Strangely, the recipe I used was from by Abby Girl. Bath bombs are in no way edible. Also, they can make your bath tub extremely slippery. I think that is why I stopped making them...I didn't live alone and was afraid that one of my family members would take a header in the shower!
How to make your own cheap bath bombs with real essential oils:
I've been covering my dining room table with a plastic tablecloth that I bought at Walmart for $1.  I really find that I need space these days to do anything. Gone are the days of trying to create in a small dorm room or in my old bedroom.  I can spread out now and it is so much easier.

I decided to also use an old container of citrus acid.  I ordered a new supply off of Ebay for $15. This is what makes the bath bombs "fizz."  The cocoa butter is hard and smells like chocolate.  Luckily, it doesn't seem to go bad.  I am planning to order more soon.  You can also use it in a lot of other products.
I put out all of my supplies. I had several different recipes. I ended up not needing the witch hazel and Epson salt in this one.
Bath Bombs with Cocoa Butter Recipe
*2 cups of baking soda
*1 cup of citrus acid
*1 cup corn starch
*1 tablespoon borax
*Essential oils
*85 grams of cocoa butter, melted (I weighted this with the food scale)
(Optional: I used my mortal and pestle to crush up some dried chamomile and lavender to add to the dry mix)
*Need a pot to melt the cocoa butter, spoon, and a large bowl to mix ingredients
*Molds to pack the bath bombs in (ice tray, plastic containers, or clear Christmas ornaments to make the round ones)
After getting all of my supplies and food scale out, I started to mix the dry ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and borax.  After I use the bowls, pots, spoons in body product creation, I no longer use it for food. I store it separately, just in case.

Stir. Melt the cocoa butter and add to the dry ingredients. I added my essential oil (lavender) to the cocoa butter. The smell was amazing!
Stir quickly.  Start to pack into molds. I couldn't find my ice trays so I ended up using plastic molds from cookies or something.

Pack firmly.  Let dry for four hours. Then, carefully pop out and lay on a paper towel for 12 hours.  I had a lot left over and I couldn't find any more molds so I put the excess in a plastic container.  These will still fizz and can be put in a decorative container with a small spoon. The trick is to not get water in it because they will fizz. 
I plan to try a couple more different recipes.  Some of the older ones I used to use are quite different. 
I've been using the loose bath fizz and they really fizz.  I also love how moisturizing the cocoa butter feels on my skin. I should have skipped the dried lavender because it looked like little bugs.  After bathing, the little pieces of lavender stuck to my skin. Also, this stuff really turns your tub into a death trap!  You really need to rinse and wipe down the tub after using.  I also put something like a bottle of shampoo in the middle of the tub so I remember that it might be slippery the next time I use it.

I think I am going to skip the cocoa butter next time (using oil instead) to see if this makes the tub less slippery.