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Saturday, June 15, 2013


I've decided to go with Alchemy for my "new" company name.  I ran my list through the family a few times but Alchemy was the only name that really "encompassed" all that I want to sell.  Here's my product list:

*Tie Dye line (scarves, baby clothes, socks, bags, etc.)
*Sewn items: baby bibs, burp clothes, boxers (work in progress), quilts, coasters, scarves, adult bibs, aprons
*Bath products: bath bombs (my citric acid) is on the way.  I am not sure the legality of selling body products so I might just save these for gifts.
*Scented items: sachets, scented tea coasters
*Cards:Cricut creations, stamped
*Jewelry: beaded, wire, loom work (someday I want to hand stamp silver), hemp?
*Soap: Right now I am holding off on the soap. I did go to Lowes yesterday. I couldn't find the drain cleaner/lye.  It is pretty expensive to order the oils to make soap (palm oil, cocoa butter, olive oil)...I'm going to stick with the bath bombs and see how those turn out. 
*Paintings, collages, boxes:  I haven't found a cost effective source of things to decoupage these last few years. I used to get cheap cigar boxes and wooden trays from the flea market. I did few a few things at Goodwill.
*Homemade laundry detergent:  I made both the liquid (cooked) detergent and the dry. I am definitely happier with the dry.  I have to keep collecting glass jars to store the detergent in.
*Diaper cakes/shower items: My aunt has commissioned me to make my cousin a diaper cake for her baby shower.  I don't know if I could handle doing this. It was fairly time consuming.
Knitted:  I could sell my knitted scarves. However, I don't knit a lot so this would be only a few items.

I feel like I have spent years stockpiling my items since I stopped selling on consignment.  Can I actually make a profit for once?  I know that even when I was selling a lot in the past, I was spending more than I ever sold.  That's not good but I want the quality of each item to be high.  Pricing was always a problem for me.  I hate to overcharge people so I end up losing money.

My dream has been to sell on Etsy. Fine during the summer but what would I do during the school year?  The whole first half of the year is so busy that I do end up bringing a lot of work home.  School always comes first. I could also make some stuff to sell at my brother's skate/snowboarding

Right now I have more questions than answers. I have to create and sell. It feels like it is something in my blood.