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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tie Dye Bibs for Baby

I love dye tie. I've been doing it since high school. I was never really that good at it but it is messy, random, and colorful so I like it. I have a cousin who loves hippie stuff and tie dye.  She is also pregnant! This translates into a tie dye themed shower basket.  I am thinking of tie dye burp cloths, bibs, and maybe a tie dye quilt if I can figure that one out.  Time permitting I will like to include a tie dye binky clip and maybe some tie dye baby clothes.  It is a baby boy so maybe even a little tie dyed hat.
I've been looking for cheap damaged white cotton at Joanne's.  I found some Swiss dot stained material that was pretty cheap.  I dyed all of it with leftover dye.  This left a lot of white but that was fine. I also dyed some white flannel shirt scraps from an old sheet.  I ordered another tie dye kit with my order of white scarves at Dharma Trading.
This bib is made from a pattern. 

I was really excited to use my Kam snaps that I got off of Ebay.  I got the awl, tool, and size 20 snaps in various colors. The company was very helpful and I plan to order more. They are SO easy to use.

I used cheap blue broadcloth on the reverse side. These bibs are reversible!

I've been pinning where I need to leave the opening as I sew most things inside out.  I think the side is the easier place to leave open.
I also like to use the zig zag around the bib.  The flannel sheet is really soft and absorbent. I realized that these bibs are pretty big. I found another smaller pattern that I am going to make for a smaller baby.  I also want to find some sparky bias tape and make the project below:

Okay, he's not wearing a bib but my nephew is SO DARN CUTE!  He loves to be outside roaming around the woods.  I've made him a bunch of bibs but none seem big enough to protect his clothes.  It must run in the family. I've considered making myself a bib!  If I wasn't a good stain remover, I would have no unstained clothes.