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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Burp Cloth Mania

How many burp cloths does one need?  Probably not as many as I am making! 
The truth is that I cannot stop making burp cloths.  There are so many different patterns out there.  I just made a crescent moon shaped one a few minutes ago out of a Goodwill flannel nightgown.  (Pictures will be forthcoming!)  The burp cloth pictured above is made from a fleece remnant that I got at Joanne Fabrics.
I saw an idea online to sew on a ribbon for a binky clip (need to make some of those  or rattles that baby can use.  I experimented by sewing the ribbon on in various places.  Since I don't have a serger, I sew everything inside out. It feels strange to place the ribbon inside out but it is a must.
This scarf-shaped burp cloth is made from a paisley flannel.  I attached a handle at the top to cover a mishap with some decorative stiches.  I usually sew around the edges using the zigzag. 
I made a number of these. The backing is from an old cream colored flannel sheet that my mom gave me. 
This is another new smaller burp cloth pattern I found online.  I had a lot of trouble sewing around the curves on this one. I had some bunching up.  I guess at this point I should mention that I am not pinning, prewashing, or ironing these burp cloths. (ECK! Am I cheating?) I am planning on keeping them here for my new niece.  I do need to start sewing slower and more carefully around curves.  My cousin is pregnant (It's a boy!) so I plan to give her a big stack of these at her shower.
What's Next?
*I plan to continue with the curved crescent moon shaped cloths which I think will be great for a newborn.
*I will also continue to use this pattern: 
I think that I like this pattern the most. I printed it, cut it, and then laminated it with contact paper. Leave the opening on the side and it looks great.