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Monday, May 27, 2013

Barney DIY Epic Fail

I love cows and Barney!!!

One of my favorite professors in grad school used to say, "We learn from our mistakes!" I tell my students that if you are not making mistakes (and correcting them) you are not truly learning. Think about it: if you already know something, you are not learning something new.  Anyway, I learned that not all DIY tutorials are trustworthy.  My little Bubba aka Jackie (pictured above) LOVES Barney!  Yes, he still loves The Wiggles but Barney is now #1. So that means I am now on a mission to find my precious nephew Barney stuff. NOT EASY.  It's just not out there anymore.  I did order a Barney doll on Ebay which should be here from China soon.  Other than that, I've been coming up empty.  So I decided to try to make Jackie some Barney stuff on my sewing machine.  I found some "How to Transfer Photos to Fabric" on Pinterest.  I bought some freeze paper, white cotton cloth, and set up my iron.
I found the freezer paper at my local grocery store. I hate it when I want to do a project but can't find the key ingredient.  (Right now I cannot find Super Washing all.) 
I took a standard piece of 9" by 11" copy paper and trimmed the cotton to that size.
I ironed on the cotton to the shiny side of the freezer paper.  I think I had it on the cotton setting.  I then set it down on a flat surface.
I made three sheets. I had to trim the paper/cloth again. The last thing I wanted was for this to get stuck in my printer.  I have a wireless HP Photosmart 5510. I really like it as the wireless actually works 100% of the time.
I found a quick picture of the famous pink dino.  I copied and pasted it into Microsoft Word. Then, I printed this. I stuck in my cotton paper. (Before printing, I had to test the sides that it actually printed on. I'm glad I did because it was the opposite than what I though!) I copied the image onto the cotton.  Yes, it looked great.  I was going to quilt this onto a little blankie or bag...I RE-IRONED this to set the colors.
Now, the moment of truth...The water test. Would Barney stand up?
NO...The color didn't set:( All that work for nothing, right?  No, I can still try this on the two other HP printers I have. You never know if the ink will work.  It depends on the ink. Also, you can buy a product that will set the ink called Bubble Jet Set 2000. I plan to get some of this the next time I order from Dharma Trading.  Doing further research, I did see MANY tutorial stating that some printers will not have the correct ink for this project.  However, the one I used did not state this.  Lesson learned: Just like a research paper, use multiple sources!
I ended up turning Epic Fail Barney into a dog toy for Eddie. He tore it apart in two seconds.  I ended up breaking my first needle. This ended up causing my to take apart my machine for cleaning.
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