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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wires, Wires Everywhere

                  Before                                                                After                                       
      I help supervise a tutoring program two days a week after school.  We rotate into classrooms just keeping an eye on our college tutors and students.  When sitting in these classrooms observing, I've often been struck with "classroom envy."  I think about the organization of the room, the decorations, the posters and signs and often think, "Great idea!"  One of the coolest ideas that I just had to "steal" was the cloth wire "skirt."  They made the computer areas look much neater.  Since I have as much technology as I can get in my classroom, I have a ton of wires.  My LCD projector and ELMO are on a cart so the wires not only run across the floor but bunch up near the computer.  Not only was this dangerous, it was really messy looking.  I think I've tripped over the wires at least once a day for a year.  I've tried various hooks, taping wires together, etc. but it never worked.  The cloth skirt is exactly what I needed.  Since rainbows are my favorite thing, I decided to use my awesome tie-dye ribbon on a blue broadcloth.  I also got to use my tie-dye thread in my sewing machine. 
View from the front.  My next goal is to work on eliminating the other clutter.  I want to really cut back on things that I never use. 
The first thing I did was "measure" by bringing in the cloth and marking it with tailor's chalk and masking tape.  I left space to hem the fabric. Then, I sewed the ribbon on the top.  I brought in Velcro and just added a circle every foot or so.   I need to push the boxes under the cloth in more.  Or better, I could get rid of them.
I only made a cover for the front.  I've been thinking of making one for the side.  Is this necessary or overkill?  Our whiteboard stuff is in the blue bin.  Attendance and daily handout materials on kept on the desk. 
 One of my students offered to tape down the other loose wires on the floor. He used masking tape first and then covered it with tie-dye duct tape. 

I didn't want to overdo it on the carpet as I've gotten in trouble for leaving marks on the carpet in the past from masking/duct tape.