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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pink Triple Strand Necklace Inspiration


These days we are thinking pink!

Where does inspiration come from? Why are some of us compelled to create?  Last night I spent two hours making this necklace.  I am thinking how I get "inspiration."  I don't always create because I want to, sometimes I just have to. For me, creating is like an itch that I must scratch. I really miss having a place to sell my jewelry.  I used to sell soap, cards, decoupaged boxes, candles, and jewelry on consignment.  However, when I got my full-time teaching job ALL I did for years was school related.  I stopped having time to make things just to sell. That store is now out of business.  Now, I just create because I have to.  I get an idea in my head and it must come to life.  How does this happen? Read on.
Frequently, I find ideas on the web that inspire me.  However, although I did "pin" things on Pinterest and use One Note, I do really print those images out.  Another way I get ideas is from catalogs. My mom gets dozens of catalogs that she gives to me.  My favorite is Robert Redford's Sundance.  I have never bought anything from it.  Let's face it, everything is just way too expensive.  However, I find myself tearing out necklaces, bracelets, scarves, pillows, and even boots that I love. 
I have been making collages from magazines my whole life.  I have a lot of canvas boards of in progress collages that I "transform" into a vision board.  All I do it cut out the images that I want and glue them on.  I really don't like to start with the terrifying blank canvas so I might paint or use glue random things down first.  Sometimes I use spray adhesive but it's probably easier to just use a glue stick. I then cover them with matte gel medium or decoupage medium.  Sometimes I get crazy and use E900 to glue 3D materials like buttons and metal on the board. If I have it, I will use big pieces of cardboard.  I really liked the necklace from Sundance. I though that I could try it.  I did have chain but not the garnet tear drop beads.  That's fine because I would never "copy" the design, just let myself go in any direction I wanted to.
I found pink beads in my stash that we beautiful. Some were use cheap plastic beads.  However, I found many real semi-precious gemstones. I got most of the them at the night market in Chiang Mia, Thailand many years ago. The faux pearls were taken from an old costume jewelry necklace.  I am don't usually use large beads so I thought I would give it a try.  I also added a small heart charm to the top layer of beads.  I have a massive collection of seed beads that I bought from flea markets and an old coworker.  I found a silver three spacer finding that connected the three strands into one. 
I am most comfortable using tigertail and crimp beads. All you do is thread the tigertail wire through and then smash the crimps with pliers. It could not be any easier. I used faux silver clasps from Michaels. I did have some issues with the metal being weak and bending.  I work on the floor bending over my work trunk.  At times I have to work on my side because my legs fall asleep and my back cramps.  Also, half of my seed beads end up in the carpets so it's easier to pick them up.
So that's how the magic happens.  I flip through a catalog and minutes later, I am digging through my stuff. 
We are getting my nephew started on the creative path. I bought him washable large crayons.  He is sitting at his booster seat at the kitchen table. I think he likes putting the crayons in the box just as much as he likes to color but it's a start. I put a poster below his tablet to protect the work surface.  Now bad for 20 months old! I think he is ready for play-doh and finger painting.