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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Burb Cloths

Besides making baby bibs, burp cloths are the easiest projects I've come across.  My sister found a blog that had great directions and a free burp cloth pattern.  She asked me to start to make some.  Before I visited the site she recommended. I just googled baby burp cloths and hand drew a quick pattern.
I had some 12 x 18 black construction paper. I folded it and drew a shape on one side.

I cut and then trimmed the bottom because it looked a little too wide.

My sister gave me some remnants of yellow fleece that she found for a few dollars.  I used fleece for the back and cotton for the front.

I traced my pattern and outlined in black Sharpie.  I wasn't worried about the line marks because I was planning on sewing this inside out.

I turned the burp rags inside out and sewed around. I did pin the cloth together as the fleece really seemed to move. IMPORTANT: The best place to leave your opening to turn right side is ON THE SIDE.  I then flipped and sewed around the border. Then, I quilted the front so it lay flat.


I finally cleaned my rotary mat for easier cutting.  I also used yellow thread and I really liked the way it look.  This was such a great project to practice different stitches on.  I used the zig zag and a few other ones.
I went to the following website and downloaded the pattern for free.
It was really easy to print, cut, and glue the pattern on a piece of paper. I did cover the pattern with contact paper.

I think this shape is nicer than the one I drew.   However, both do seem to stay put on the shoulder.  I can't wait till my little niece is using these. 

My sister came over to sew.  She stitched the remaining bump clothes together.  I think in total we made around eight or nine.  Some of these we plan to keep and others we will give out as gifts.

This is the pink remnants I bought at Joanne's for Valentine's Day.  Check out that "baby bump"!