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Monday, February 18, 2013

Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf Template
I used some of the fabric that I cut, stamped, and dyed to make a quick infinity scarf template.  The girls at school have been wearing a lot of these scarves.  I thought I would give it a try.  I wasn't crazy with the color scheme of this piece so why not?  As you can probably see, the ends were different sizes so they didn't quite "match up."

Basically, I sewed the scarf into a tube after finishing the ends.  I flipped the edges to make the "infinity" symbol.  The fabric was just off-white cotton.  I think a lighter material would make a better scarf.

I gave the scarf to my mom to try out.  She really liked the random stamped pattern that I made using the bunta stamps. 
I've always loved scarves, wraps, and shawls.  I remember the first shawl I ever got was from a Native American store.  It was purple with colored stripes.  It was a rougher heavy wool.  Then, I don't think I wore or bought another scarf until I moved to Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2002.  Wow! I remember first seeing all the silk dupattas and more expensive natural dyed shawls...The embroidery was unbelievable.  It was all done was hand and absolutely beautiful.  We even took a trip to a silk village and saw how silk was made.  I'll never forget how the little tuffs of colored silks blew around the dirt road.  I bought myself a more expensive ($80) wool embroidered shawl that I still wear in Calcutta.  Then, I think of the beach wraps I bought in Thailand and the batik purchased in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. How could I forget about all those yak's wool scarves from Katmandu? Why didn't I buy more? Even in Egypt, I bought some fantastic beaded scarves.  I guess I've always been obsessed with beading, printing, and beautiful fabric.  It wasn't until I spent time in Europe that I really noticed how many French women wore scarves so easily.  I have to admit that I've never been one to really been able to tie this stylishly.  I did buy a lot of cheap scarves in France from street vendors. Hmm, where are they now? I think I gave most away for gifts.  Well, now, I will keep trying to make my own.  I think my favorite type of scarf is embroidered wool paisley. 
Really, $99? Will you take $10? No, okay, $15, final offer...
Here are some much better directions and information: