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Monday, February 25, 2013

Heart Pillow and Sachets

As a beginning seamstress, I am still in a very early stage of knowing what I am doing.  ( I do know not to call myself a "sewer.")   I have a vast amount that I need to learn to sew "correctly." Right now, I just want to sew even if I am getting things more wrong than right.  However, one easy simple project that I can make are sachets.  I love scented things.  Think pens, pencils, stickers, bookmarks, and of course flowers and herbs.  During the summer, I grow every scented plant I can.  My favorite herbs is lavender. The Romans used it  I dry it and put in containers around my house.  I love to pinch off a flower and press it into a book or just keep it in my pocket for the day.  The history of lavender is a long one:


I decided that I wanted to use the scraps of the cotton heart fabric to make a bunch of sachets.  I decided to finally "cash in" some of my dried lavender and add it to the sachet.  All I did was rub off the purple flowers into a large bowl.  The smell is amazing and very relaxing.  I threw the stems in the fireplace. 


I am playing around with lace trying to hide some of the more "unseemly" seams.  I also used a ribbon in case these are to be hung in a closet.  In addition to the dried lavender, I added herbs like lemon basil from my Aerogarden.  The smell was amazing.  Sachets can be kept in drawers, closets, and other places to deter moths.  (Lavender repels moths.) If you have scraps and herbs, why not make a sachet.  I also used other scraps and cotton batting to fill the small pillows.  For a stronger smell, I drop some essential oils on the fabric. This could leave oil marks so use sparingly.


I also made a big heart pillow for my nephew for Valentine's Day.  I added lavender inside this also to calm and relax him around nap time.  I don't know if he likes it or not.  If not, I'm sure the dogs would love to rip these pillows apart.  Is that what they mean by upcycling?