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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bibs for Baby

I bought another simple pattern for baby at Joanne's.  I ended up using the pattern only for the shape of the bib.  The rest of the directions were ridiculously hard to follow.  They could have been in Arabic (which I studied for a year with little result) for all I understood them.  So, on my own, I begin practicing how to make a simple bib.  I bought this baby fabric at Joanne's (not on sale) for about $7 a yard.  I know that this cotton will probably stain.  However, I looked into laminated cotton and oil cloth. I found both to be really expensive like $28 a yard.  I plan to keep looking online for better prices. Until then, I am going to keep practicing with regular cotton.

The bib pattern called for rick-rack.  Luckily, my mom had several colors in her sewing bin. (There are a ton of mysterious sewing tools in it. I can't figure out what half of them are yet.)   It's probably at least 25 years old but still held it's color and shape.

Here is the basic shape of the bib I choose. I thought at first it was huge. However, it fit my 20 month old nephew perfectly.  I did have a problem with the bottom hem.  I sewed the bib inside out and then sewed the bottom.  Later, this frayed a bit. 

I wasn't sure how to sew on the rick-rack. So I did what I do best-just jumped in and sewed it on.  You can see the white thread but I like to see the thread. I didn't pin it on and it shows because it is a little off.

Bib #2 I left the top open after sewing this inside out. You can see a little fraying on the upper top...I needed to figure out a way to fix this.  I slept on it.

I like sewing on the rick-rack.  However, I think I went a little overboard on this one!

I decided to "hem" the bottoms of both pieces of fabric first. Then, I turned the bibs inside out and sewed. I turned the fabric to the right side and sewed the bottom shut. This was the best method but I should have pinned the bottom because I didn't exactly line up the bottom.  I then sewed on rick-rack to the bottom.
I also used sticky Velcro as a fastener. I stick it on the back and then sewed a square around it. This was a very easy project. I am disappointed that I am having so much trouble with the mumbo-jumbo of the patterns. However, it is nice to figure things out for myself. It is a slow process but maybe it will pay off more in the end. Time will time!