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Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Apron using Pattern

I finally made my first apron using a pattern last week.  My mom (pre-sewing machine) wanted one for Christmas. I briefly looked and didn't really see anything great. Luckily, my sister got us both aprons with my nephew's picture on them.  That will always be my favorite apron.  
On my first post-sewing machine trip to Joanne's.  I looked for an apron pattern.  I went with the See and Sew B4585. (It said, "Yes, It's easy!" on the cover...That's good.)  It was cheap around $4 or $5.  The fabric was about $7 a yard. I was dismayed at how expensive all the fabric was at Joanne's.  I am thinking I'm going to start "upcycling" old clothes for the material. That's another great reason to lose weight.  I can now cut up all those "fat clothes" and use them to make smaller things.   I also had to buy the d-rings for the strap.
I should have ironed the fabric after sewing.  However, I figured that after use, this will get washed anyway.
I eliminated the pocket because although I made it I wasn't sure how to attach it.  I will give it a try on the next one. 

I used a ribbon as a tie. This was pretty easy to do.  I looked at some aprons I already had and noticed that the ties were very thin.

Cutting out the pattern was pretty easy.  However, I am not sure that I totally understood everything.  I ended up looking online at a simpler pattern.  That helped.
I was surprised at how easy it was to sew the curved part.  I pinned everything and reinforced where I could.