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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sew What?

So I finally got a sewing machine for Christmas.  After a bad experience with this horrible little "Tiny Tailor" I gave up on my sewing dream.  I used to hand sew little sachets and small bags but that gets pretty tedious. So I set up my new Singer 7467 up in my dining room.  I watched the DVD that came with the machine on my laptop. It was so easy.  I threaded the machine and was immediately sewing. I don't know why I picked forest green but I am a little afraid to re-thread the machine so forest green is here to stay.

I couldn't find my stash of material in my garage so I started sewing dishtowels.  I am lucky that that my mom used to sew and quit. I have her old sewing storage thing and all of her old thread, needles, electric scissors, and all this other random stuff.

I ventured into my garage and under some boxes under some other boxes, I finally found my cloth stash.  Soon, I made my first sachet using floral material from my friend @Gretchen. I had some lace in my art room.  I also found a bag of lavender and chamomile.  I then stuffed the sachet with lemon basil from my Aerogarden. 
My aunt Bonnie brought me some more fabric and gave me many new tips.  I learned that I need to iron fabric before sewing. I washed all the fabric because it seemed odd from being in a garage for say five years.  Then I busted out the iron and went to work.
I made a few more sachets and a really hideous- looking scarf.  Right now, I am just practicing sewing straight and not so fast.  I realize that it is going to take a while before I am making my nephew a little suit. (He would look adorable in a little tux.)  I do hope that I can make his next Halloween costume.  My cousin Julia, who also got a machine for Christmas, and I are planning on taking a few sewing classes at Joanne's.  I have a lot to learn!