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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hanging Out with Seventh Grade

Hangin' Out with 7th Grade
Close up of some t-shirts

Side view of bulletin board

Classroom view

September 2012
This is a great beginning of the year project for language arts.  Every year I do this "Bio-Poem" project before our Open House.  Parents always like to read their child's poem.  All I did is:
1.) Google a template for a bio-poem.  I've used a series of them.  My favorite is Laura Chandler's.  You can find her work on Teachers Paying Teachers.  I downloaded her handouts for free.
2.) Download a t-shirt template that you like.  
3.) Make a simple rubric for assessment:
   -Followed template
   -Checked spelling
   -Proper capitalization
   -Appropriate design
4.) Make copies for students. Show examples of prior student work or teacher made sample. Tie-dye or school colors always look great.  Students can use any design for their t-shirt as long as it is school appropriate. Some students may cut off the sleeves or re-design the collar.
5.  After completing the prewriting, I have students spell check.  Before they begin their final project, I check spelling and capitalization.
6. PUBLISHING:  We hang these shirts on a "clothesline" made out of yarn.  We staple them and then put little clothes pins on them. Students make a sign that says. "Hangin' Out with 7th Grade." Early finishers can make a pair of "Summer Shorts."  (Also found this for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.)