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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Daze

This is a hallway information display.  I put the school bulletin here and other important information daily.

I love this DCWV Tie-Dye stack. I've already used all my favorite papers. I hope there is not an Imagine Cricut cart with tie-dye or I will have to go out and buy one.  ( I don't have an Imagine!) The font in TYPE CANDY.

I got this idea from Pinterest. It's an exit slip poster where students can stick a note of "where they are."  I used Mac Pages. The font I used is Chalkduster.

I cleaned out my closet and labelled EVERYTHING!  Half of the stuff is from Really Good Stuff.

I changed this but I wanted to put up some important posters as we discuss procedures.

I hate the desks in rows but it will be fine for a few weeks.

Front of room

Another Pinterest idea of exit slip post-it notes.  You can post the exit slip question on the top.  Each student will post their note on their student number.