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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flowers on the Wall

My mom and I went to the movies today to see Hope Springs. (Okay, I had my doubts but the movie was surprisingly good. The acting was fantastic...)  Of course, I had to stop by Michaels.  I had no coupons with me but of course I was only buying a few things.  I wanted more Glossy Accents but of course, it was out.  So $111 later, I ended up with several new projects to make.  I am like Dead Woman Walking trying to make everything BEFORE school starts because I know I will have no time until maybe Thanksgiving Break!  I decided to make a new wreath for my front door.  I made a grape one last year but it is fading from the sun.

This is the brand of the wreath and artificial flowers.
I bought the purple flowers for $6.29 each.  I also got some white flowers and a few small grapevines.
The vine wreath itself was on sale for $4.99 hence the entire project.  Why can't I walk past clearance craft items?
This was so easy to make! I cut apart the flowers with the leaves on them.  I had to use my extra sharp Tim Holtz scissors to get through the wire. (I do have wire cutters somewhere...)  I simply worked the plastic "stem" through the vine and bent it.  I wired on the grapes using 20 gauge blue wire.  However, you can use any color because it is not really visible.
Old wreath.  The copper wreath hanger is from Target.
Close up of old wreath
New wreath
New wreath

I put the old wreath on the exposed brick by my dining room.  I have this "grape" theme going.  

 This is a very easy project to complete. However, I spent over $50 when you can buy nice wreaths for around that price.  Yet I am not crazy about all that wire ribbon.  I'm not sure if my wreaths are too plain.  I like simple but I think I need those berry things to liven them up. What do you think?