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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Tim Holtz

I ordered a Tim Holtz shadow box "thing" off of Ebay.  It is a bunch of different boxes that you put into the larger box. I painted it with chalkboard paint, then arranged the boxes how I wanted them. I coated with matte gel.

I used ultra matte gel to get my images in the boxes.  I used vintage family pictures and some found objects. After watching the Tim Holtz video on YouTube, I decided to use the tissue tape on the edges.  This looked better and kept all the boxes in place.

As I glued in objects, I also kept adding images.  Each little box has a different "theme."

The final projects and details are below.

This is my great-grandmother, an old nib, and a tile with sign language on it.

This is a picture of my grandfather during WWII.

Detail of a keyhole, a faux flower with a Tim Holtz pearl inside. The photo is a vintage woman.
This is the full box without the clear screen and lid.