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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Learning Curve in Action

We got our schedule for next year on Tuesday.  My planning period got moved which means that I need to re-do all my class signs and magnets.  Maybe it's because I used to be an art teacher but I color code everything by class.  For example, my first period is red and I give them red folders.  This makes it easy for the students to put back folders on the shelves.  I am going to laminate some signs and run other ones through my Xyron 900 to make them into magnets.  Most of the cartridges I used were Learning Curve and Recess.
The tie-dye paper is from DCWV-the "tie-dye stack."  The gems are Martha Stewart stickers.

Most of the text is from Learning Curve.  The glitter is Martha Stewart.

The paper is Colobok from Walmart.  It is only $5 and cuts the best on my Expressions 2.  I don't really like to laminate items with glitter on them.  I need several of these signs so I might just print them out on the computer.

I just bought Going Places for this stop sign.  I am going to use a paint marker for the edges.  Darn! I  realized that there is also a stop sign in My Community....However, I also plan to use the library pocket feature in Going Places.

I might use the well done and excellent signs for displays of student work.

Got this idea on Pinterest.  It says, "Wait! Did you remember to write your name?" This is a VERY important question in middle school.

This is a start!  However, I still have 25 days to make stuff.  In ms, we don't get our class lists until the day before instruction:( I hate that because I can't really do anything. Plus, schedules and new enrollments are always be changed.