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Sunday, August 12, 2012

From the Beach-Magnetic Beach Frame

After our vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, I picked up a clearance blank frame and a damaged jewelry box.  I think the frame was maybe $2.99 and the box was .66.  I decided to use some of the shells we bought in Delaware to decorate the boxes.  After all, I have tons of scrapbook pages that no one ever sees.

Unfinished wood frame and the damaged box.  If you look closely at the box, there are two broken wooden parts that are jutting out.

I painted both using Tim Holtz Distress inks.  I think crackled the frame using his paint.

Inspiration struck when I found a magnetic poetry word that said "beach."  I ended up spraying magnetic paint over the frame.  I didn't realize that it was GRAY!  I don't know why I was thinking it was clear.  I tried to wipe the gray paint off the shells.  I ended up using E600 to glue more shells on the frame for some color.  However, you can still see the texture of the crackle paint.

I just moved some of the words around to say, "We love summer here" and "the beach."  We had pictures taken by one of those people who walk around the beach. Then you have to go and buy the pictures.  I got one of the those things you look through. I always wanted one of those!

I probably should have used the magnetic paint FIRST and then painted the frame.  Plus, the strength of the magnet varies.  I thought this would be nice for my desk for school but it wouldn't be. (First, I have zero room on my desk, the magnets would get stolen, AND I am in a bathing suit!  Bad idea.)

Painted box with Tim Holt distress inks and some cheap acrylic paint in whites and blues.  Glued beach glass and shells over those weird jutting wood chunks.  Put Tim Holtz's tissue tape in music on front.  Used Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel to cover all.

The inside of the box.  I glued in some beach glass, cloud paper, and a copy of the Mythic Tarot Ace of Cups.

No finished but I am trying to keep things simple. There is a clear blue circular tile that says beach.