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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I finally watched some wobble videos on You Tube today.  It is so simple to make them.  First of all, a "wobble" is just a wire attachment that allows a die-cut or something to move on a card.  All you do is take some wire and twist it into a coil and secure the ends on paper. Then, glue on the die-cut.  I have a lot of wire from jewelry making.  I used 24 gauge wire but I heard that 26 gauge might allow for more "wobble." 

I went to Joanne's and Walmart.  I got some "bing" on clearance and adhesive, which I always seem to need.  I also got some spray adhesive to re-stick all my Cricut mats.  Wow, that stuff was not easy to find. The quilting stuff was $16 so I ended up just getting the glue kind for about $8.  I just washed my mats in hot water, added some dish detergent, and scrubbed with one of those green things.  Now, I am letting my mats air dry.  Then I plain to mask off the edges with blue painter's tape and then spray on my deck.  I detest the smell of goof off or any type of spray paint.  I always cover my mouth and try not to breathe it in.  

Here's the cards I made today.  I think my "eye" for design is clearing.  It takes a while for me to get back into art mode.  I always look forward to the start of school but I am going to miss crafting all day long.  During school, I am so busy grading papers, making new assignments, emailing, lesson planning, and reading that it is like the total opposite of now. Oh, and meetings, meetings, and more meetings!  There is always somethings that I need to prepare for another meeting... I have very little that I need to do during the summer. Go to the gym, do laundry, water plants, pay bills, and really that's it.  Oh, play with my nephew, buy things for him, scrapbook for him, and try to talk to him on the phone. (Difficult since he still has his own language...He does talk though!) During the school year, there are always ten things that I need to do.  Feast to famine, I suppose.  
The pink heart on the left wobbles. "Love" was made from the Cricut Feeling Groovy cartridge.

The larger heart on the right wobbles. Inside is another pop-up heart.

The heart on the right is the wobble.

Made using Dinosaur Tracks Cricut cart

Put yourself on view. This brings your talents to light.
Baltasar Gracian