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Monday, July 2, 2012

Paper Pack

Sometimes instead of being encouraged by other blogs, I feel discouraged.  I feel "out of it" because I stopped scraping for years.  I am not familiar with a lot of the "new" techniques and products.  {Like stickles (some kind of glitter?), wobbles (not sure yet), and Coptics(very expensive markers)!} Plus, I look at some blogs and the cards and scrapbook layouts are amazing.  There are buttons, ribbons, sewn on designs, cricut imagine cutouts, and all other kind of BLING.  I think first that I want to craft like that. Then, I wonder how much time and money went into that design. Then I realize that some of these people are professional designers and product people.  Some are just very creative...Then I think, well, I went to college and studied art for years.  All those art history classes, painting, printmaking, design, sculpture, and weaving. Shouldn't I be doing these amazing things?  Plus, I have visited and lived all over.  I think of that silk village in Bangladesh, the paper making in Thailand, and even the cool recycled rugs that people made in "Garbage City" in Egypt...All those amazing things that I have seen...the Louvre, the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, and Karnak temple at night.  Why am I trying to imitate others' designs when I have such a well to draw from?  No, I love all the fantastic things I am seeing that are made.  I don't want to turn my back for "high" art.  Not that I won't ever break out the oils but that is not what interests me much anymore.  I do want to learn from current designers yet I STILL want to do my own thing. Yet, my style is sloppy and loose. I want to work neater, tighter, and brighter.  Can I change?

 However, I have tons of materials, I just "forget" to use them. That is what frustrates me.  I need to plan more what I want to do. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I want to feel inspired more.  Oh, and the patterns!  I love all the different patterns that crafts use.  I have never been good at using more than one patterned paper on one project.  To combat this, I decided to use a pack of paper that I bought many years ago.  I wanted to make a wedding card for my cousin's wedding.  This is what I came up with:

Here are the materials I used: 
-Colorbok Pattern Paper Pack Valentine
Martha Stewart Craft glitter glue
Elmer's Dot Runner
Vintage family photos-recopied
K & Company cards and envelops 4.37 in. X 5.625 in.
DCWV adhesive ribbon 5/8 reds
K & Company Proverbs to Go
Cricut Expressions 2
Carts: Groovy Times, Songbird, Sweet Shop
Distress Ink-Old Paper