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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dinosaur Tracks and Create a Critter/Chalkboard File Cabinet

                                  Dinosaur Birthday Cards 

The dinosaur's eloquent lesson is that if some bigness is good, an overabundance of bigness is not necessarily better.
ERIC JOHNSTON, Today's Realtor, Jan. 1998
T-Rex from Dinosaur Tracks and the palm tree is cover with Martha Stewart glitter glue.

Dinosaur Tracks

The dinosaur and "Dinomite" are from Create a Critter. The tree is from Dinosaur Tracks.

The dinosaur is from Create a Critter.
I made these cards for my little cousin's ten year old birthday.  Well, the one I gave him isn't here but it is similar.  I'm trying to use at least two coordinating patterns with one solid color as a background. I also used glitter paper, which cut great on my expressions 2.  I actually liked the Create a Critter dino better than the T-Rex on Dinosaur Tracks.  Plus, I didn't have to layer it while the T-Rex needed to have a shadow layer.  However, I did like the leaves better on Dino Tracks.  The ones on Create a Critter have a goofy little face cut out.  I also used some cuttlebug embossing folders to pop out some features.  I use my Sizzix die machine with the Sizzix system converter.  I am trying to use the supplies I already have and not buy anything new, just to buy it.

                      First Try at Chalkboard Paint

I also have been playing around with chalkboard paint. The first thing I do EVERY SINGE MORNING at school is write the date, day, and other daily agenda.  (Okay, I actually do this in ROY G BIV order in sidewalk chalk...) I love writing on the board!  So why not create my own chalkboards at home?  It is now possible with chalkboard paint.  Caution: This stuff is a mess! I ruined part of my art room rug.  Once this stuff dries, it is not coming out.  I should have known  better but in my frenzy of painting, I didn't realize what a mess I was making.  Also, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and nails.  Lava soap just would not get this stuff off.
I used Rust-oleum Chalkboard paint black finish.  I painted over old collage images on the front of my old art file cabinet.  I did two thinner coats.  Let this dry.

Cover the whole surface with chalk to prime. Then, wipe off with a wet cloth.

Start writing!  This paint really hid the collage under.  If I wanted it to be perfect, I should have scrapped off the magazine images below. However, I was happy with the results.  Now, the carpet is another matter...

I played around with some chalk pastels and they also work great in addition to regular white chalk.

I had some leftover paint in my cup. I covered some metal boxes, cardboard boxes, and altered book pages with this paint.  Oh, I also covered some Cricut cut tags.  I didn't want to waste any of this awesome paint though I have a lot left. I am going to look around for a little play table for my nephew to write on. (He's only one but time flies...) I also have the magnetic spray paint to try.