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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cricut Mat Revival

As we all know, Cricut cutting mats are notorious for not lasting a long time.  I have about ten mats and none of them were sticky anymore.  I decided I needed to give "revival" a try.  There are many YouTube video tutorials from crafters who have saved their mats.  I couldn't find the Slice brand that many seem to like so I used Loctite Spray Adhesive-Repositionable from Joanne's. 
STEP ONE:  Wash mats in detergent and hot water.  Scrap off glitter and small paper bits.  Let mats dry.  Then, tape the corners of your mat with blue painter's tape.  If you skip this, your fingers will stick to the corners of the mat.

Step Two: Shake can, put on gloves if you like, gather your newspaper, AND put on a dust mask so you don't breathe in this stuff.  Even with a mask and spraying outside I still felt a little woozy!

STEP THREE: Go outside and spray.  I did this on my deck.  Make sure you put something under the mats to protect the surface.  Don't over spray.  Try to evenly coat the surface but don't overdo it.

Step Four: Let mat dry, remove painter's tape.  Some of my mats were extremely sticky.  I tried to cut down on the mats' stickiness by pressing my palms to each mat several times.

Results:  It worked.  However,  thin paper stuck a little too well and ruined some cuts. A 12 X 12 sheet of glitter paper which was heavier worked the best for the first cut.  I think I really oversprayed some mats because on two I had to tear the paper off using the metal spatula.  There are a lot of other Cricut mat revival methods out there.  I think I will use this one again though!  Before this, I had to tape all my paper to mats.