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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Your Story Book Binder and Laminator

 My nephew (11 months) loves Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do 
You See?

I  was able to use my Your Story laminator and thermal book binder today.

 I decided to do a little spin off on that in my first book.  I changed it to "Jackson, Jackson, what do you see?" Then, on the next page, I did a picture of that person looking at the baby.  I did double up on some pages to get more family members in the book.  I used the 4 X 6 inch book cover that I got on eBay today. I also used the 4 X 6 laminating sheets.  However, I could have used any size laminating sheets but this made the process really easy. 

Baby "What Do You See?" Book based on the Carle book:

1.) I first choose the pictures of my nephew's "circle": mommy, daddy, doggy, etc.

2.) Then, I picked one picture of that person and Jackie for the "What do you see?" page. I also choose one where that person was looking directly at him for the what he sees page.

3.) Then, I made the labels on Pages for MAC. It was pretty simple considering that I just got this Mac Book Pro a few months ago and am much more comfortable with MS Word. I printed those labels and cut them down to size. 

4.) I arranged the pictures, then mounted them on mat paper. I did not glue down the images. (I'm glad I didn't because the pages split due to the pressure of the binding. I split them and then just reglued them with a glue runner.) ***Make sure that you have space on the left side for the pages to bend! Maybe 1/2 inch or so. 

5. I ran the double-sided images with text through the laminator. Then, I trimmed off the excess and ran each page through again.  

6. I arranged the pages, clamped them, and did the thermal heating.  (All you do is switch from the left laminate button to the right bind button.)  You leave it in until it beeps, then cool it on the plastic holder on the back of the machine.  I also pushed down the pages to make sure that the pages all got stuck in the glue.  Let cool two minutes.

7. I stuck some bubbled letters on the cover that my nephew will probably rip off.  I can't wait to read his own book to him!