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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tim Holtz Obsession

Ever since I got on eBay, I've become obsessed with Tim Holtz.  I really love all of his projects and artwork. I've always done assemblage and decoupage type projects. Even as a kid, I made tons of collages and weirdly painted projects.  (My students always get freaked out my my doll head scented marker box that I keep at school.  Really? No one else glued doll heads to things?)

Anyway, I've been guiltily bidding on Tim Holtz supplies like nuts.  I say guiltily because I feel like I should be using the salvaged items I have from various sources.  I have a lot of great "vintage" (read: old) items from my grandmothers, childhood hoarding, mom's basement, school, and gifts from friends. I think I got the coolest items from my friend G$.  Her mom used to love to frequent estate sales and auctions.  She used to give me everything from old game pieces and photos to old X-rays. These are times that are recycled and have a history. Whose is in this picture?  Who used to wear these crystal beads?  With "bought" items, that history is absent.  The item is
mass produced and no longer unique.  That being said, some of these items are just awesome and really inspire my imagination.  Sometimes it is hard to use one of those very old one of a kind objects...I do have some very cool items that I just love too much to use. I have to get over this!  Tim Holtz will help me with this...Isn't it easier to use an item that is fascinating and also bought at a great price?

I was cleaning out my art file cabinet and I came across one of my favorite altered art books.  It is called Collage Discovery Workshop by Claudine Hellmuth. I love the book because not only do I love Hellmuth's style but she uses a lot of innovative techniques. I need to do my own thing when creating but it is nice to pick up some new ideas.  Hellmuth's art used to be featured in Somerset Studio. I don't buy it anymore but I remember being so inspired by the fascinating things people were creating. My friend (the one who gave me the objects) also loved this magazine. We had been doing this type of artwork for so long, it was awesome to see other people doing the same sort of things.  Like it was "okay" to tear apart books, sewing into paper, and rip body parts off of dolls.  Back then, it was all about using FOUND OBJECTS that we got from flea markets, relatives, and shoe boxes under our beds.  The best form of artwork for sentimental hoarders.  Thank you, Tim Holtz and thank you, Claudine Hellmuth!  After so long of not using industrial glues, making a mess, and wire, I'm back!  And yes, I'm making a mess!