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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Martha Stewart Craft Station

I just received the Martha Stewart Craft Station in the mail yesterday.  This machine is a light table, cutting board, stamp positioner, and great for tracing items on thinner paper.

I got this item from Ebay.  I did get a great price but the side of the board was cracked off.  The seller emailed me and did give me a discount. After an unfortunate experience with superglue in which I got glue ALL over my fingers, I finally broke out my tie-dyed duct tape. Problem solved! 

There were two videos on You Tube which were very helpful in finding out all the features of this item.  So far, I love the tempered glass because I can cut on it and it will never scratch.  I tried out some dry embossing and blown away.  This is time consuming but the effect looked very cool.  However, the paper I used was very thin.  I will try this on heavier paper.  

Cutting with the paper cutter was confusing.  I had issues trying to figure out where the blade was going to cut. Hopefully, I will figure that out.  Even though I was at one time an art teacher, I cannot cut a completely straight line at times!  I do like how you can clip the paper down so it doesn't move.  One thing that already bugged me was that there is no bar on three sides of the work surface. I might add a layer of tape of something.

Overall, I would not pay full price for this craft station. You can get all the features separately for much cheaper and the light doesn't seem bright enough for heavier paper.  However, I am happy with it because it is very convenient and just a lot of fun.