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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fiskars-Hot Off The Press Paper Disaster

My friend and I had to meet with our trainer at 5:45 am.  I came home at about 7 am wired and ready to  "cricut."  (As an English teacher, I feel a little odd about using a noun as a verb but the English language is "living"! Does that make it okay? Probably not...) Anyway, I wanted to use my new Paisley cart.  I now have several cartridges that I have never used.  My life has been Mini Monsters and Bump in the Night preparing for my adorable nephew's first birthday monster mash.  So I already had two sheets of Fiskar's Hot Off the Press patterned paper taped on cutting mats. Since I still don't have re-positional adhesive spray (couldn't find at Walmart or Lowes but I was rushing around buying a lot of other stuff) I tape down my paper with scotch tape.  (I did buy blue painter's tape for this purpose yesterday.)   Disaster! No matter was setting I used, the paper was tearing!  I changed my blade. Worse.  Slower, less pressure,  heavy, medium, light settings...All were tearing!

I finally decided to try my one Cricut marker. it came as part of a home decor bundle that I got from eBay but haven't used yet. There was already a pen setting and all I did was take out the housing unit and put in the marker. (Oh, take off the cap also.)  I have no idea what to do with this now.  I guess I could use my Martha Stewart Craft Station to cut all these images out or use them as a template with vellum or something.  I was also thinking how awesome it would have been to have a Cricut when I was in college.  When I was student teaching in art, I spent HOURS making templates out of manilla file folder paper for kids to trace.  Actually, I think all visitors to our house were conscripted into this practice.  Back then in 1999, I didn't even have a laptop.  I used to type my lesson plans on a borrowed word processor!  I had to pay to make color copies at a copy shop.  No one had a color printer or copier...I have a ton of this HOTP paper because my late father was a Fiskar sales rep.  That's how I started scrapbooking about a million years ago!  Ugh, maybe I should just go back to bed.